Youth basketball for Littleton Massachusetts

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Littleton 4-on-4 Rec Basketball Playoff Schedule (2022-2023)  
G456 - Girls 4th, 5th, and 6th Grade  
  B45 - Boys 4th and 5th Grade  
B678 - Boys 6th, 7th, and 8th Grade  
  Saturday 2/11 Saturday 02/11

10:30 AM

G456 Game #1:

Team-4 Willis vs Team-3 Leturny

B45 Game #1:

Team-5 Gibney vs Team-1 Redmond

11:15 AM

G456 G456 Game #2:

Team-5 Schocklin vs Team-6 Sakota

B45 G456 Game #2:

Team-6 Coulman vs Team-3 Fenton

12:00 PM

G456 G456 Game #3:

Winner Game #1 vs Team-1 Reynolds

B45 G456 Game #3:

Winner Game #1 vs Team-2 Blaine

12:45 PM

G456 G456 Game #4:

Winner Game #2 vs Team-2 Raltz

B45 G456 Game #4:

Winner Game #2 vs Team-4 Burgeon

1:30 PM

G456 G456 Game #5:

Winner Game #3 vs Winner Game #4 (Championship game)

B45 G456 Game #5:

Winner Game #3 vs Winner Game #4 (Championship game)

2:30 PM

B678 Game #1:

Team-4 Velez vs Team-3 Welz


3:15 PM

B678 B678 Game #2:

Team-1 Castillo vs Team-2 Rowe


4:00 PM

B678 Game #3:

Winner Game #1 vs Winner Game #2 (Championship Game)



1.  1st and 2nd seeded teams get a bye in the first round for each division
2. Single elimination tournament, win and you keep playing (longest a team will have to wait between games is a single game (45 minutes))
3. Games are two 12 minute running clock halves, rather then the regular 18 minute halves from the regular season.  If games are tied there will be 3 minute Overtimes until there is a winner.   Each game is slated for a 45minute window of time, rather then the usual 1hr.
4.  For playoffs it is key that your coach knows if you can or cant make it ahead of time.  During the regular season we had lots of substitute players to field teams, for the playoffs need to field a roster of at least 4 players from your current roster.  So let your coach know if you won't be available for any of your potential games. If you can't contact your coach, contact me (